Red herrings belong in the water

Not in the escape room

No Red Herring

Many escape artists have asked “is this a red herring”? And at Next Level Escapes, the answer is “No”.

A number of you have given examples of escape rooms you have experienced that have certain puzzles that are required to solve the theme, and sometimes there are other puzzles that exist purely to take up your time that do not add to the game play. These are red herrings, and we do not put them in our escape rooms.

Your time is valued, and we want everything you do to progress the story. Each step is crafted with the idea that it is part of the trail needed to achieve your goal. Sometimes a puzzle could have you wasting your time – if you don’t find or solve the clue that tells you which part to focus on. You don’t have to read every single book, play every piano piece, or try every possible combination on a lock. The ones you do not use are not red herrings – they are simply part of the puzzle that you do not need.

What do you think? Do you enjoy solving all the puzzles in the room, regardless of if they add to your progress? Or do you also think that red herrings do not belong in escape rooms?