There is only 1 HOUR to

Avoid the
High-Noon Standoff

You need to get back the town's money,
but don't want to get shot

You are in the wild west at a neighbouring town. It is owned by the Sheriff, Barkeep and Madam, who have stolen the reserves from your town’s bank.

You and your group have figured out that it is stashed somewhere in this saloon. You must organize your party to get it back, because the leaders of your group have called out the bandits for a high-noon standoff as a distraction to buy your group time to find the reserves.

It is currently 11:00am: you have one hour to find the reserves and escape through the back exit and avoid the standoff.

Cowboys holding guns in The Saloon Escape Room Finding a key in the madams room in The Saloon Escape Room
Playing the piano in The Saloon Escape Room Deciphering a clue at the table in The Saloon Escape Room

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